I am a PR friendly blogger! If you wish to contact me regarding a PR sample/ sponsored post feel free to get in touch.

However all opinions on this blog are my own and are a 100% honest and I purchase all products with my own money unless I state otherwise. If I am reviewing a product I will indicate with a (*) at the end of the product name, showing that it was received for free or a PR sample. That goes for the same for sponsored posts.

All images on this blog are taken by me unless stated otherwise. If I am using an image I did not take I will supply the details as to where I found the image.

As of April 22nd 2015 some of the links I post on my blog will become affiliate links via Skimlinks, so I'm able to get a tiny bit of commission. I put links on my blog so that you're able to find the products/items listed alot easier. Not every link will be affiliate as only merchants that use Slimlinks will generate profit.