Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Hoping to beat the January Blues!

As its January and we're all most likely feeling the January blues, I’m sure we’ve all got one thing on our minds… when are we going to book our next holiday and where too! Well as you know I got on my first flight last summer and took the, wait for it… hour long journey to Amsterdam! I’m not going to lie, I hated flying and was terrified the entire journey. I know it was only an hour but to be 21 on my first ever flight! I definitely gave myself a pat on the back afterwards.
Well since then I’ve actually been having nightmares about flying again and it’s really starting to concern me that I might freak out and not be able to go back abroad. I’m going to try and not let this fear get the better of me, as I want to see what the world has to offer and I’m definitely going to get myself to the doctors when I know I’m going abroad again. All that being said, with saving to move out and then actually moving out I’m not sure that an abroad holiday is on the cards, well maybe not until later on in the year. However I still thought I’d tell you about 3 places I really want to go, in sort of the order I want to go.

Rome – This is right at the very, very top of my travel list. I’m so desperate go and when I do eventually get the chance I’m feeling like it might be a 2 week holiday rather than a just a city break as there is just too much to do and see. History is completely my thing and I feel like I would just be in my element.

Prague – My Mum, Aunty and Nan went to Prague a couple of years ago and they’ve been telling me to go ever since. As this would be just a short city break stay, I have I feeling I’ll go there before I tick of Rome.  

Amsterdam (again!) – When I went to Amsterdam last year, I went with my best friend and it was amazing! So I really want to go back with Adam and do some of the things me and Georgie didn’t get to do. Like Anne Frank’s House, as we didn’t realise that if you didn’t pre-book you could be waiting all day to get in!

I really hope i get to do at least some travelling this, even if it means stopping on UK soil. Where is your next destination? 

* 3 of 4 pictures taken from google images.