Thursday, 7 January 2016

New Year, New Blog!

So where do I begin here? Last year I started my blog and was so excited and eager to get all my thoughts written down and out there and to talk and meet likewise people who had a passion for all things beauty related. Then I had a really shitty time and lost my love for almost everything even when I was putting up a front I knew that I’d lost my mojo. So my blog sort of dribbled out and then ran dry. Well New Year, New Blog! I’ve got my motivation back and want to get stuck back into writing and taking photos and learning along the way all things html and everything that comes with this territory.

My goal for my blog this year is to get into a blogging routine, and upload consistently. I think it may take a few weeks to iron out the kinks, as I need to find the right balance with how much I can physically get quality content out there and working full time. Right now I think I’m planning 3 times a week, but that might change to one more or one less. I’ve got a good feeling about this year so now I’m just excited to get started.  So hello to the people the read this little space last year and are back again and hello to you new ones too!