Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Eye Palette Collection

 I thought I’d do something different today on here, and give you a rundown of my current eye palettes. I’d say out of everything, I think that eyeshadow is my vice and it’s something I have the most of in my makeup collection. I do also love a beautiful lipstick, but I’m not sure anything gets me quite as giddy as getting a new palette. You’ll most likely see my theme, and the colours I drift towards the most when it comes to picking a palette. I’m much more experimental with single eyeshadows, as it’s not a mega loss if I don’t like it, but palettes, I like to stay safe and stick to the colours I know and love.

My No.7 palette is huge, and not great for travelling, but its good value and quality for the money. I managed to get mine in the Boxing Day sales in 2014 for a tenner! However, full price is just £20 so I still think it’s quite a bargain. I think it’s only available over the Christmas period and in the early sales, I have managed to find it on eBay

Out of the Naked palettes I own, I much prefer the original Naked. It’s the only eyeshadow palette I took to Amsterdam with me last year, along with about 2/3 single shadows. It’s the perfect size for travelling and is so easy to work with. I do like Naked 2, but I find that I hardly ever reach for it and it may be time to hand it over to one of my sisters, who will get much more use out of it. I am currently lusting after Naked 3 right now and there's a sale on feelunique!

I got the Tartelette palette for my birthday and I’m almost 100% sure that I’ve used it every single day since. Its 12 matte shadows that are buttery perfection and so versatile. I’m obsessed with this palette. Tarte have also just released the Tartelette in Bloom palette and I’m desperate to get my hands on it. I got mine from Sephora, but i recently found out that QVC sell it online, so i've linked that instead, as it's a lot easier to get a hold of in the UK. 

The Tanya Burr Hollywood Palette is the cheapest in my collection and the most used alongside my Tartelette palette. It’s so good for easy day to day looks, with a little added shimmer thrown in for good measure. As you can see I’ve already hit pan in Nude Delight, and Bookworm will most definitely be next. I still can’t quite believe the amazing quality and colour pay off from these shadows at such the budget price. I’m eager to try more. 

The least used palette is Nars, And God Created TheWoman. I lusted after this for so long and the pigmentation and formulation of the shadows is what you would expect from a high end brand like Nars, but I’m somehow underwhelmed by this product. Maybe because I wanted it for so long, it just couldn’t live up to my expectations and the colours weren’t exactly what I thought. It is a lovely palette and writing this now I’m going urge myself to reach for it more. 

You saw my Mac Burgundy x Nine palette in my Amsterdam haul and I’ve been enjoying it ever since. It just pushes all my buttons and has all my favourite colours in one tiny, travel happy palette. I’m sure you all know how lovely mac shadows are and this palette comes in three other colour options, so you can really it tailor it to suit your look. 

A few weeks before Christmas I finally picked up a few colours I’ve been wanting from Mac for a while and created my own little palette. I got Cranberry, which I’m slightly regretting. I’m finding it hard to work with as the colour doesn’t suit me, like at all! I’m still experimenting and trying to make it work. Hopefully I can find the right balance. The next one is Mythology, which I really like. I love putting it in the center of my lid for a little extra umph. 

Now you know what I love when it comes to eye palettes, is there anything that should be on my lust list?